Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lead With Your Best Foot

Well, I have finally decided to channel my anger and writing abilities on something both very personal and very important to me personally.


That's right pot. Weed. Bud. Green. What have you.

I am, firstly, a very heavy recreational marijuana smoker. A pot head, if you will. This, however, I say only to be honest to my audience and to put that point up front.

Secondly, I am not here to answer questions of a personal nature. I'm not NORML's Ask Alice. If you're looking for that, I'm sure it won't be hard to find. You found this little page so you obviously have access to the internet and at least fifteen minutes of spare time.

What I am here to do is express my rage at our governments inability to allow adult American citizens to make our own decisions while simultaneously filling privately run institutions with "criminals" who have offended some small scale infraction on their puritan moralities. I am here to discuss with any and all comers my point of view in a civil, intellectual manner. I am here to attempt to change some minds, open some eyes, influence maybe one person (preferably a voting age citizen of the United States of America to realize that the evil green devil weed is perhaps not all it has been worked up to be. What I am here to do is attempt to expose the ridiculous marijuana prohibition for what it is: a remnant from the early twentieth century attempting to force out Mexican immigrants, degrade the African-American population and raise the popularity of national products such as alcohol and tobacco as opposed to imported marijuana.

Since that time, politicians have had their arms twisted by people making money from marijuana prohibition. The Drug Czars, the Tobacco Lobbyist, the DEA. Not to mention the extremists media's portrayal of marijuana as a "gateway drug" and a precursor to "antisocial and criminal behavior."

In this blog, I would like a show of support, a petition of sorts. Spread it by e-mail, spread it by phone, and spread it by word of mouth.

We as a country need to demand a change. We must come together and MAKE something happen. Let’s make it happen.