Saturday, August 8, 2009


Marijuana is one of the least addictive and least harmful drugs available on the market today.

Show me one life destroyed by marijuana and not the legality or stigma attached to the use! Just one average American citizen with no history of addiction or psychosis and I will change my mind.

Up to this point, however, all evidence obviously points to the decriminalization and even the open sale of marijuana in the American market place. We the people have demanded it, and were denied. We have followed legal recourse, we have been ignored and even abused by our government over an issue of purely free choice. We are the country which is supposed to be founded on personal freedom, on the government listening to the voice of the people and we have been silenced!

And we have allowed it to go on for so long, the lies and truths have become intertwined so that the average American citizen cannot find the truth among the war of lies and mis/disinformation open to them. The public is given no one to believe in.

Michael Phelps was busted smoking marijuana. Is that not enough to prove the point for legalization? You smoke a joint and win a gold medal, then we'll talk.

I for one am sick of it. I am intelligent, traveled, well read, and socially informed on the basest of levels, and I can say again: WE DEMAND IT! WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES DEMAND OUR FREEDOM!

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