Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm so sick and tired of the fact that people find it so difficult to stand up, be who they are, and demand the right to be. We as a community cause no major issues, hold the fact the possession and consumption are in themselves illicit acts and occasionally there is a bad seed weed dealer with a gun and no brains, but that problem would be solved through legalization. It would also make people stop losing their jobs over the stigma of usage held over from the reefer madness bullshit.

I'm tired of hiding, and every self respecting individual that has to hide their illicit activities like common criminals.

Fuck what the us government says. We are PEOPLE. Individuals capable of making our own choices.

Hell, I feel the same way about seat belt laws and cigarette smoking.

I just wish the community as a whole would get fed up enough to do something as a whole instead of in random, disjointed, unorganized, stoned-looking spurts. NORML has been trying semi-successfully for years, yet our governemnt turns a deaf ear and continues jailing us and shoveling us under the rug. Its exhausting, humiliating, and at times dibilitating to sociological function.

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