Saturday, August 8, 2009

Information War

Well, frankly, its great that you can say that most Americans have become informed on the issues, but until the politicians get the proverbial sticks out of their collective holes and learn to look past the "reefer madness" ideology of their fathers and the educational system which lumps marijuana into the same category as methamphetamine and crack, the voice of the people will never be heard. Unlike most, I have no fear of repercussion from my government because I leave my name on this because frankly, I couldn't be more oppressed whilst simultaneously being fed the constant ideological high of "freedom" than I already am.


Am I going to disappear because I believe the American people should have a voice about what they do, how they behave, and what they believe? If I do, then we don't live in America anymore. Florida may not be America anymore...

I know Florida may be pretty, but we have a saying here:
Come on vacation, leave on probation, come back for violating.

I believe in the voice of the people. The problem is getting people to stop talking and start DOING. You want marijuana legalized, get a group together, a large group, a minimum of 25-30 to gather in DC and start handing out and smoking spliffs in front of the white house. Smile and wave at the police officer who will inevitably come over and explain you are exercising your right to gather and peaceably protest. Wave a f***ing sign or something already.

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